Pediatric ENT Services

Ear, nose and throat concerns are among the top reasons children go to see their doctors. This is because children are especially sensitive to issues like ear infections and food allergies, and because certain birth defects such as cleft palates must be treated at a young age to prevent complications when older. The best way to treat ENT disorders in children is to bring them to an ENT clinic where multiple specialists work in close collaboration to care for your child’s total well-being.

pediatric entCommon ENT issues that affect children are tonsil infections, sinus infections, hearing loss, snoring, sleep apnea, stridor (noisy breathing), infections of the lymph nodes, epistaxis (nose bleeding), chronic cough, voice disorders, nasal blockage and allergies.

Ear, Nose & Throat Center of the Ozarks offers the same services for children as we do adults including a broad range of medical and surgical treatments, allergy testing, allergy shots, allergy drops, hearing testing, hearing aids, speech therapies and more. What sets our pediatric services apart is our ability to incorporate gentle and stimulating techniques to engage and comfort children while evaluating and treating them. We understand that children require a special kind of care, which is why we strive to minimize pain, discomfort and anxiety in our child patients.

If you suspect ENT-related problems in your child, please contact us at (479) 750-2080. Our expert clinicians will give you peace of mind with their specialized care.