Pediatric Audiology Services

pediatric_audiology_servicesPediatric audiology is the study and treatment of hearing loss in infants, toddlers, and children. Our experts evaluate and treat children of all developmental stages. Our goal is to detect and treat hearing loss in children as early as possible. Since our audiologists work closely with our physicians, we can care for your child’s whole hearing health.

Hearing is essential for babies’ and young children’s development. It is especially important to treat deafness in children so that they can cultivate essential speech and communication skills during the developmental years. This is why we focus on early detection and treatment of hearing loss.

We offer the same audiology services for children as we do adults. However, we recognize that children respond differently to testing and may have less ability than adults to focus or respond to stimuli. We therefore incorporate a more fun and caring approach with children.

For children old enough to follow instructions and respond to sounds, we use the following testing methods made to feel like games: visual reinforcement audiometry, conditioned play audiometry, speech audiometry (word recognition) and auditory processing testing. Physiological tests are used for infants who cannot respond to behavioral tests. These include otoacoustic emissions and acoustic reflex testing.

Fitting a hearing aid to a growing child’s ear is different than with an adult. We have the technology, equipment and training to make sure each child has properly fitting hardware through each stage of life.

If you suspect hearing loss in your child, contact us at (479) 750-2080 for more information.