Hearing Aid Travel Tips

hearing aid travel tipsTraveling can cause stress for those with hearing loss. There are certain measures you can take to ensure your hearing aids are safe and your traveling experience is stress-free. Here is a list of tips for traveling with hearing aids:

  • Pack extra batteries and tubing. These things may be difficult to find depending on where you are traveling.
  • Do not store your hearing aid or equipment in checked luggage. Additionally, keep an extra set of batteries separate from your spare hearing aid to avoid total loss of hearing aid usability.
  • Bring a waterproof hat or umbrella on your trip to ensure moisture from rain does not reach your hearing aid.
  • Take a dehumidifier to dry your hearing aids at the end of each day, especially if you are traveling in a humid climate.
  • Purchase insurance for your hearing aids in the event that they are lost or stolen to provide you with peace of mind.
  • Using an assistive listening device can help reduce or remove background noise in airports, museums, churches, taxis or other noisy environments.
  • Notify an airport security officer that you are wearing hearing aids before screening. You do not have to remove them for the screening process, but keep in mind that if your hearing aid sets off any alarms, you may be subjected to additional screening. Metal detectors or x-rays will not affect your hearing aids in any way.
  • Make an appointment with your audiologist before your trip for advice on caring for your hearing aids while abroad.